It is difficult to describe ones self and be accurate. I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a nurse, a writer, a creation of God. I enjoy writing in that it is something I “have” to do. I cannot “NOT” write. So a missive here, a poem there, and a story of a life. My life. That is what you will  find here if you read on…and if you do read on…well thanks.  Cordelia is a Celtic Welsh name which means “jewel of the sea” and blue is my favorite color and although I am a Texan tried and true, the sea lives in my soul. I collect shells and live for the days when I can walk on the beach, hear the waves, smell the salt, and see the blue water. When I am there on the ocean shore I know God better. I walk with him there. It is my garden, my jewel box, and it also can fill me with terror and awe. The sea allows me the luxury of healing my mind, body, and soul because I talk with Jesus there. Every tiny shell, even the broken pieces stamp on my heart that there is a God who created all of these jewels and more than that he has made me his own jewel, his daughter. A Blue Cordelia in his Crown…forty years ago I was attending nursing school in Florida and at the sea Jesus became the LORD of my life. I love to collect shells and am always amazed at how perfect each one is designed and I see the Glory of God in that. I hope you will see a glimpse of His Glory in my life and that you will know Him too.