A Pure Knowing…

bald eagle on flight near rock formation

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger 


A pure (unmixed, unadulterated, not touched by any other substance) knowing lay within me because you are Holy…

A finished and utter humility drives me face down to the secret place…

I am undone without the High Priest of whom my lips are unworthy to utter his name…

I enter in because of Jesus and call out to The Holy One…

for I am hidden by the shadow of His wings and allowed to soar into the Presence of my God and King…

I am every blue on the color wheel…




I am the girl in the dream, the girl in the hour glass.

I am every blue on the color wheel.

I rise on a great floating bubble that a child just blew out of a plastic jar of soap.

The bubble is Robin-egg blue and I am continually moving toward you.

I am the girl in the dream, the girl clasping turquoise ribbons attached to the moon.

My skin looks quicksilver blue like the Moon.

My heart is an open door that is deep blue like a navy school uniform blazer.

I turn the glacier blue door knob and I am permanently moving toward you.

I am the girl in the dream, the girl who is every blue on the color wheel.

I am soaring up toward the baby powder-blue stars, the blue-gray fog is lifted.

My blue-gray eyes finally see you and my Faith has been made sight.

Love in War…

low angle shot of an old apartment building exterior with worn out paint

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric


He wanted to run but also to stay there forever

Her half smile incongruous in this sad place

Yet still she was  so strong and resilient in the face of pain…

He knew he could never forget gray blue deep set eyes like hers

She belonged in a world with no war

to explore her poetry and the violin music She played…

She looked straight into his eyes and said, “don’t I know you?

It stung him like a wasp that perhaps she did not remember 

but then her eyes fluttered like a butterfly wing…

He smiled back at her as she picked up her violin and he knew he would not run away…

Empathy…to stand for everything or nothing…


high angle photo of woman on ladder

Photo by Samantha Garrote

Empathy without a clear identity in Christ puts one in a position to stand for everything or for nothing. To understand empathy and to nurture that gift the Empath must always be aware of matching their empathy side by side with who we  who are “in” Christ Jesus. (As one who believes and follows Jesus as Lord or as one who is not a Believer.) It is paramount that we build our Christian lives upon our Identity in Christ Jesus, Truth of who we are in Him.

Empathy as well as all spiritual gifts must  be held close to and in direct correlation to God’s Word or we will get it wrong. Empathy is a wonderful  gift as long as we check and balance it or any gift with Truth.

Fear and Faith

man walking on the empty street

Photo by Alex Fu

Even in the darkness I cannot hide from you…

When my fear whispers that I will not be able to cope

that I will never make it out of this hole…

Faith tells me my Father knows what I need

The Father who keeps filling me with his strength

and just in time He supplies all the Holy Light

that I need to battle through this dark night…

I raise my head from my prayer and I see Jesus kneeling there 

The Light of the world has prevailed and no earthly power can keep me from His care…







The Angels Have Not Grown Older

man with wings standing on brown mountain peak

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad


The Angels have not grown older.

I always see them over my shoulder;

gentle, yet piercing mighty eyes.

Always checking the road maps and signs.


I have grown much older;

my dreams like nets all thrown.

Some  I’ve known have wished me well;

a couple of them said “go to hell.”


Words, just words without caring.

Words, just words both wrong and right.

Still, I journey on toward His Holy Light.

Still, the Angels lie down beside me each night…

I journey on.