heal your wild wing…


A sunbeam shining on my day

Summer was a Play time

Oh heal your wild wing and fly…


Trust is the healing balm

healing time has come 

deep indigo Summer dreams come alive…


A moonbeam to dance upon

Summer is a silver silhouette

Oh head your wild wing and fly…


Photo by Charlotte May

River of Strength

There is no one else to follow Lord,

All the kings of this earth are fallen,

Not one is free from deceit and greed!


The steeple bells do not ring of Your good news Lord,

Many shepherds have disregarded you as Truth,

Oh but there is a River of Strength that makes gladness


I will follow the gladness of your River for she is strong

she is unshaken by destruction and her water strengthens  like honey

there is no other path to follow but she flows to your Throne


Gravity feels heavier…

Photo by Victor Freitas

I am breathing underwater and not wondering how

I am praying to be rescued but not sure if the time is now

Gravity feels heavier than it use to but in the water I am weightless

I can no longer hear the angry world and could not care less

You are so close I can hear but not touch you

You are The Holy One well acquainted with Truth

The Error of Decisionism

After Martin Luther’s reformed movement in which he declared the deadly “works” instituted by the Roman Catholic church such actions as confession to a Priest, keeping all the sacraments, indulgences, purgatory and declaring Mary the Mother of Jesus as being divine that the Roman Catholic church and indeed “added” to the Truth of Jesus and Jesus alone saves and that a human can bring nothing to the table to earn or merit God’s indescribable Grace and Mercy.

The Reformed Church however, drifted in their theology and doctrine such as infant baptism and declared they were basically “in” as far as heaven goes. As well as some other rituals that are not based in being saved by Christ alone.

Years later the western American Church kept a more Biblical accuracy in Salvation being in and through Jesus alone. Not baptism, not church attendance (although it was expected, and people were shamed for not going to church.)

The biggest mistake that the Church of the 19th and 20th century made was what is called “Decisionism.”  The fact that someone could walk down an aisle in church and pray the sinner’s “prayer” and that was it they were “IN” so to speak.

This preceded a huge non-effectual Salvation in that people did those “symbolic works”, but they missed out or did not allow their heart/life to be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. They were NOT born again, and it caused a lot of guilt, shame and more than half of those were children and later completely rebelled and walked away from it all.

Decisionism happened to me. I am a Pastor’s daughter so at age 5 I felt conviction in my heart that I needed Jesus. I believed in who he was, yet the transformation did not take hold as it should. I just really didn’t understand yet the weight of sin and what it cost God the Father. It was quite a journey, but He was faithful through His Word and the Holy Spirit to finally break through to me that this regeneration was about breaking God’s heart and him giving me a new heart. It was about following Him and reading His Word because I wanted to. I wanted to know his voice and I wanted to have him call me his own and that is exactly what he did.

Remember Me

Photo by Meru Bi

Remember Me when you eat this bread and drink this cup.

When all your days have gone dark and lonely, Remember Me…

When the warmth of the sun greets you each and every morning

Or when the red sky above bodes of warning, Remember Me…

Remember me when your days are fresh like Spring.

When you get down on your knees to cry out your needs and dreams, Remember Me…

When I part the waters, so you walk on dry land

Or when the next path you cannot see you feel my leading hand.

Remember Me when your children thrive, and their children are alive.

When all their laughter and joy fill your cup, Remember Me…

When your body fails, I am the one who heals

Or when you can no longer walk, I will still lead you home, Remember Me…

“Remember Me when you eat this bread and drink this cup. For this is my body and my blood shed for you and for those that believe in Me…” Luke 22:19

Confusion has a Cost

yellow sphere illustration

Photo by Pixabay 

Confusion has a cost

Like skimming off the dross

It all goes swirling down a drain

Leaving oily globs of pain.

The Trojan horse is chaos

Now enters your thoughts

The battles swarm like bees

The Word of God cannot be defeated.

Take heart

Because you are not crazy

You are a warrior

The Battle is the Lord’s.

So, listen for the sounds of spring

Listen for the bells of victory

You will take flight on His Wings

Let your praises ring!

Take heart

Because you are not crazy

You are a warrior

The Battle is the Lord’s

Wash Line Wisdom

Holding up my hopes and dreams like clothes pins on a wash line.

My Faith is getting warmed in the bright day sun.

My Doubts are fluttering about in the sweet South wind.

My Love hangs there surrounded by old socks and sheets.

I ‘ve been thinking too much, been trying to hold on so tightly yet, all dreams must be washed clean.

They say, “let go and let God” and that is exactly what I do now.

I will wrap myself in my old quilt of Trust as soon as it is dry.

It is worn and tattered but still my greatest comfort in this Life.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.  Hebrews 10:23

That place where we bleed

Photo by Lum3n

It is an early morning rain

blue crystals falling from the sky

Oh all the words won’t come my way

the search for them makes me high

I saw you sleeping in the candle light

coming round to that place where we bleed

Oh all your thoughts won’t come my way

each idea planted like a row of seeds

It is an early morning rain

a symphony falling from the sky

Oh all the dance steps are ours

or at least to give a try.