Paper Tigers



Fears that paralyze and begat despair
Paper Tigers with claws that rip and tear
from the bone to the marrow the cutting is done
yet fear can never put love on the run…


Courage is required to banish scorn
listen to the sound of paper tigers torn
Fear seems so real in the dead of night
only to disappear in the love of Holy light

2 thoughts on “Paper Tigers

  1. So true. Loved “Fear seems so real in the dead of night…”

    I think in darkness and quiet our unresolved emotions, doubt, and lies formed in our immaturity come rushing back in, causing self-doubt, shame, inadequacy,and questions of our self worth. Pure love injects perspective and healing into all of that, though the healing is a process.

    So I’ve come to cherish the interruptions of my sleep, when I can wander the dark house, and intentionally examine each lie, inadequacy, etc., and bring them into the light. I am transformed in doing so, and the paper tigers become what they actually are – just paper.

    Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll post that. -David G

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