All He Ever Got Right


light pattern abstract blur

Photo by MOHI SYED on

The silence seeped into the windows

like a room that has been shut up for some time

where a  fly hits the glass over and over

with the same result and rhyme


We use to dance to Brown Eyed Girl

and drink  Elderberry wine

I could swear she was an angel

when she said her heart was mine


A  man can mess up so many things

 still she stayed with me through the night

Now I make my final days with only her

for in the end she is all that I ever got right






4 thoughts on “All He Ever Got Right

    • A gentlemen patient I cared for in Hospice shared how God had sent him the woman he needed and in his hard headed life he had alienated people who loved him but she never gave up on him. As he lay there dying he wanted to talk about her. It is amazing what people will share with a nurse in times of illness and reflection

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