Remember Me

Photo by Meru Bi

Remember Me when you eat this bread and drink this cup.

When all your days have gone dark and lonely, Remember Me…

When the warmth of the sun greets you each and every morning

Or when the red sky above bodes of warning, Remember Me…

Remember me when your days are fresh like Spring.

When you get down on your knees to cry out your needs and dreams, Remember Me…

When I part the waters, so you walk on dry land

Or when the next path you cannot see you feel my leading hand.

Remember Me when your children thrive, and their children are alive.

When all their laughter and joy fill your cup, Remember Me…

When your body fails, I am the one who heals

Or when you can no longer walk, I will still lead you home, Remember Me…

“Remember Me when you eat this bread and drink this cup. For this is my body and my blood shed for you and for those that believe in Me…” Luke 22:19

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