Bluebirds ( a tribute to my grandchildren) or If Spirituality Had a Voice…

I have four grandchildren. I secretly call them my little Bluebirds.  The newest one still remains in his Mother’s womb but he will be here in less than three weeks. The next youngest little bluebird arrived right before Christmas and she is growing strong and smiling. The third youngest is my three and a half- year old granddaughter and the oldest Bluebird is my six and a half year old a grandson.

I have learned from them, even the yet born grandson, that Wisdom is for the young!  Even my unborn grandson is woven into the wisdom of when HE is to enter the world. His parents don’t even know the time or day! That is wisdom. He will enter our world when he and God are ready!

I think if  “spirituality” has a sound it must be the voice of a child!  The stories that I have come to believe are the ones that occur in early evening  when the wind is still and I will come flying through their door and am allowed  to tuck them in bed and we will share a magic kiss and soar into the clear night sky like Bluebirds (Paul McCartney and Wings band song)…and we fly across the sea to a magic island or we go to an enchanted forest or visit Topper the Rabbit  who walks on two legs and has a fancy top hat and give us sweets and tea! Or we speak to The Holy God without theology but in total purity and trust! I can feel the Spirit of God enter the room on little tiny wings like a Bluebird…

I have come to see that what age teaches is not Wisdom but knowledge and knowledge cares nothing for me! With age I see if  allowed Wisdom is called something uninviting. A place where complacency, cynicism, and weariness can come to live.

I  rather choose to fly with my Bluebirds  in that place where just “being six”  is exciting and you just walk down the street singing at the top of your lungs just because you are six!!!  Or  soaring up into the heavens on the wings of a “nice” dragon is possible! And as all three-year old girls know it is so much more fun to turn all the lights out and use a flashlight even if it is the middle of the day! Oh and lets not forget the Wisdom of the newborn and infant…there isn’t one second where they do not trust the ones who hold them, feed them, and keep them safe and warm. 

Youth is the time in your life when you get to stand apart from the status quo and view almost everything in exaggeration! All is a wonder and I call that Wisdom. Oh yes I know there is a lot to be said for maturity but honestly it is NOT what Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven! He said, “You must come like a child into God’s Kingdom.”pexels-photo-556669.jpeg

So, I tip my heart to all the Bluebirds in my life and to my first two Bluebirds, my daughters,  who taught me  when that time comes and The Holy Spirit slips through my door in the still night air  with that Holy Kiss I will fly like a Bluebird straight into the midnight air and head across the Sea…

One thought on “Bluebirds ( a tribute to my grandchildren) or If Spirituality Had a Voice…

  1. I love your adventurous spirit. I think you recaptured it from all the Bluebirds in your life. It was always there though, for the Maker has always seen you as a Bluebird.

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