joni mitchell and a cup of tea…


Joni Mitchell and a cup of tea…

I shut the door so no one can see

and dream of something kept underground

when I had to jump off that merry-go-round.


I loved the ride and all the pretty horses

I loves what I thought I would be.

I would have sold my blood to be published

so all the work could read.


I would wax eloquent and be held in high esteem…

all the other riders would admire me.

They would gaze at me on my grand carousel

marveling at all the wisdom I share.


Well now I speak in present tense…

the merry-go-round broken down and spent.

For my profound literature there is no need

I still like Joni and a cup of tea.



3 thoughts on “joni mitchell and a cup of tea…

  1. Listening to Joni now…always liked her form of lyrical protest. Wordsmithing in all forms, even preaching, eventually fails to convey the deeper regions of the soul. Perhaps that is why Joni considers herself a painter much more than a singer/songwriter.

    • I do think words can only express so much. There is a deeper step to our inner selves . I do love the expressions of music and painting. I even love beautiful embroidery and hand work. They all tell a story. Joni is a magnificent story teller. Did you ever listen to a singer/songwriter named Laura Nyro? She was quite a wordsmith and voice. Thanks for following😊

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