This concept of time becomes more and more of a puzzle to me as I age. We spend more of our life process being old than we do being young…I study my grandchildren as they play and they really are not marred by this burden of time. Lyla just turned four and she lives “so in the moment.” After a nap she starts a whole new day! Each event in their backyard play is a new day…they enjoy every ray of sunshine, every raindrop, every Popsicle, every swing and slide as if they never will end. Emmet understands the idea of day and night, of a day or two…yet he still asks, “do I have school tomorrow?” Even my daughters who are now thirty and thirty-three seem untouched by time…looking forward and ready…
I wonder if this is what Jesus was referring to when he said “unless you come as a child…you just won’t get it.” It is like a split screen view for me…my wonderful friends from high school all joke and reminisce about how only yesterday we were just children looking for clarity, acceptance and avoiding rejection and heart break as best we could…now we are sixty but we feel and in fact we ARE those same kids yet we are not kidswe have grown, learned, hurt, lost, been sick, as well as blessed and happy and grateful…that recipe that is life yet Time just keeps interfering…the song by John Mayer called Clarity says “by the time I recognize this moment this moment will be gone…” So true YET untrue because this moment lives on in me, in the fabric of my being…they say the reputation of a life well spent is what the person  did during their life span but I would purpose a life well spent has absolutely nothing to do with Time rather who you touched, laughed with, and cried with…Time cannot steal relationships.


This post is dedicated to my Aunt Clarice Roark…

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