The Great Refusal



In the story of the Rich young Ruler which is a story that church attenders probably know well we see  this young man who did so many things right.

He came at the right time in his life. He came as a young man who was making his way in the world. He came from a “good” family. He had a career that was taking off, as we see, he is referred to as a “young ruler.”  From that we can deduce he was healthy and socially in good standing.

He came in the right way that one day that he approached Jesus. He came in humility and ask a sincere question.

He came to the right person which was Jesus the Son of God to have a theological dialogue about the Jewish laws by which they both lived. He knew that Jesus was a great teacher and had undoubtedly heard of his good deeds and healing of many people in the area.

He came for the right purpose which that he wanted Eternal Salvation and Redemption. It appears that this rich young ruler realized that his life still “lacked” something and had left him questioning “what must a man do to be right with God?” His demeanor appears in scripture to be one of sincerity.

He received the right answer from the LORD himself which was to give all that he had to the poor, to leave his family and follow Jesus.

In the end however, at least at this time in his life, we see that he made the wrong decision in his refusal to do as Jesus asked. His immediate response was “I have too much responsibility, I have a good job, I have my parents and family to take care of.”  This decision of refusal left the young man walking away from  Jesus and the Bible states, “he went away sad.”

My take away from this story is this…regardless of where you are whether young or old, rich or poor, sick or  well…Consider Jesus. Don’t refuse even if all seems right to you.

Mark 10:17-22.

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