Mischief in the Fire


abstract art blur bokeh

Language is my orchestra

sometimes a lullaby

Emotion is the music

the Poet’s heart lives by


In the silence of my dreams

words go dancing through

An image just to beautiful

all logic out of view


An artist lives within me

a way of beating all the odds

The thorn on the rose bush

pricks discovery once again


All children start out poets

I just cannot let that go

 Stir the mischief in the fire

and let enchantment flow

7 thoughts on “Mischief in the Fire

  1. I know an energetic 4 year old who lives in that enchantment. In a recent discussion with her Daddy:

    4 year old: I don’t like going to sleep Daddy.
    Dad: I noticed that. You just like living life too much and don’t want to stop.
    4 year old: Yeah.

    • Haha! Yes, I love that about children and unfortunately we and/or the world takes that out of them! I believe children really KNOW that we have a big God in a way that I sometimes lose as an adult! Hope you are well friend! Thank you for your comment and for encouraging this old writer to hang in there! It means more than you will ever know!

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