Verbal Skills…

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It is well know that it is hard for me to swallow words because I believe when we do it makes nothing but trouble. I want to talk before I die. I want to say things to those I love. I want to say things to my fellow human beings. I know you all will go on talking when I am gone from this earth and that is how things are supposed to be…yet, I can think of a thousand things I could share with my children and grandchildren and whether it matters much what I say in the long run I still want to. I could pour love into their hearts for ions…I want that.
Even an argument is the dialogue of life. To disagree, to not understand, to try with all your might to get it right, to have understanding… these are verbal skills too. I want that.
On the other hand so much can be “Said” without words. A hug, a cup of coffee, or just sitting in silence and stillness but I feel these actions speak volumes. These are verbal skills as well. In the presence of peace or strife there must be a “knowing”…a connection. I want that.
Last but not least there is the written word. For me, this is the ultimate verbal skill. This verbal skill fits me and gives me joy. I want to paint a picture with words on paper. To make a record of things that are not easy to forget. I want that.
One writer said, “It is so much easier, to learn to love what you have instead of yearning always for what you’re missing. It is so much more peaceful.” She has good verbal skills. I want that.


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