Getting older…

sunset sun horizon priroda

My body is softer now. My skin has begun to drape like crepe paper. I do not have to wear glasses to read  but I do to drive. I hope to gracefully age for my daughters, although a lot of my friends have had “work done” and while it is tempting, it is not me. I was voted “most like Mary Ann on Gilligan’s island” at a class reunion once. I like that title and will keep that as a compliment (I can’t pull off Ginger for sure) but I still color  my hair. Just can not take the gray yet graceful or not.
Walking purposefully and briskly until death. I  long to finish my life well. I do not  know what lies ahead. I navigate and then I wait. I try to stay in the moment. I try to continue to grow. The alternative is death.
I know real friends are few and far between. I know that people ask you how you are doing because it is acceptable protocol though  people rarely like to hear the truth at all. I do not really want to know their secrets or for them to know mine unless they are invested in my life and I in theirs.
I no longer “play church”. I adore my Lord each morning when I wake. I give thanks to him for allowing me one more day on this journey. I yield to him that he is the Almighty God, the maker of the universe and I stand in the wildness of His crucified and resurrected Son, Jesus the Messiah. I do not avoid or shun people who do not believe this truth and often I do not even pray for them. (I think I shall do that more in the autumn). We each have our choices to make. I do not believe in religion. I do believe that Jesus Christ is NOT opium for the masses as the unbelievers say. He is real and alive and will come again whether you choose to believe it or not. The richness of his mercy and my faith in his Grace make my walk no easier yet purposeful.
In closing I simply say, “all of us” have a place at the cross of Jesus. His atonement in death and his Resurrection to life are an invitation to us all, each and everyone to come! Our beloved has come in order that all of us might live and die unto an eternal life with him. Praising God and say arise, shine for the light of the world has come and the darkness cannot overcome it!

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