Lies never make a sound…

adult beautiful blue eyes book

Photo by Pixabay

Her navy blue eyes flash at the sound of lies. Lies never make a sound.

She can always tell.

She was once one. Before Truth came into her soul.


The person knows she knows. The Truth touches the Liar’s cheek gently

Looking straight into each others eyes.

She walks away.

8 thoughts on “Lies never make a sound…

  1. Okay, explain that one.

    I can speculate that once the Truth has captured our heart, the lies have no place to land. The lying seducer realizes that the lie has not landed as intended because he is exposed by the other who has the capacity to discern truth from lies.

    But as I said…speculation.

    • Haha! I never thought of it that way but student is accurate. I feel that Jesus’ human-ness gives me great hope in the day to day life I am living. To see how he was so kind, never condemning, strong, powerful, but tender, good, and patient. Fully human – that astounds me.

  2. Indeed. I just finished reading THE SOUL OF SHAME by Curt Thompson, M.D. Jesus’ response to us is the opposite of shame, assigning great worth to each of us, affirming, validating, loving at even scary levels in our shame-infected soul. Astounding! Would that I would learn to do the same with each soul I encounter.

    • I LOVE that book. I have really struggled with the shame issue which I believe is straight from hell! I have spent almost 30 years calling out shame for the LIAR that it is. It is like “fog” and keeps us or would like to keep us from Victory! We have had our guilt taken away at the Cross so there can NOT be shame! Jesus despised shame and annihilated it.
      I often think that when the prophet came to David and said “God told me to tell you he has taken away your guilt” that David was completely forgiven but I also believe as you follow the rest of his life’s interactions with his son’s he {David} let shame have a foot in his life.
      Anyway, I love that book and think I will read it again now that you mentioned it. Thanks for your comments. You always have great insight!

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