Your Young Ones will Dream

abstract angelic art blast


I dreamed I saw a million angels flying saying something about the King.

There were children singing and mountains falling into the empty Sea.

Who will it be, who will it be, is the Holy One finally come?

Look for the Evil one’s dying day for the End has just begun.


I was kneeling at an alter of burning dreams there was a red moon in the Sky.

There were mothers crying and babies dancing yet no one there could die.

How can it be, how can it be, will the damage be undone?

Look at the Sword He holds in his hands, it blazes like the Sun.


I dreamed I heard Purity and Fury thunder and the earth split wide in two.

There were graveyards rolling and a clear voice calling, “wake up, I have come for you.”

When will it be, when will it be, has the Kingdom finally come?

Look toward the heavens and you just may see Him before the day is done.


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