art blur close up colors


I lie down under the burden

         of the courage that I lack

For you to see the sin in me

        cannot be taken back



It is my greatest fear at times

       you might finally know

The dark and filth I tasted once

      I never want to show


Exposure of who I really am

     could drive your love away

After all  you’re only human

     dare I hope that you would stay?


The truth of exposure that I  do not fear

      is a mystery not of loss

but a debt that is paid fully

      willingly hung upon the Cross




One thought on “Exposure

  1. Good one.

    Those of us who willingly live our faith in the public need simultaneously embrace the fact that our brokenness is on display as well. If we display our faith but are reticent to display our weakness and inconsistency along with it, we are less than genuine. Authenticity will always leave the person of faith in a necessary place of tension, because to truly embrace faith in Christ Jesus is to admit openly (confess) our incapacity to live justly, rightly, mercifully, unselfishly on our own.

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