River Song

river between green leafed tree

Photo by Baskin Creative Studios


The River Song shall make us glad

when the mountain’s snows melt above.

The swelling waters giving drink below

it’s melody quenching our thirst for love.

The River Song shall lead us homeward bound

where heaven and earth can never meet

Here we shall find His Kindness all around

it’s melody reveals the hope we keep.


So take me down to the River

Take me there where I may also sing

Of the beauty of your Holiness

And worship you as my King.


And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.
Romans 5:5 NLT





2 thoughts on “River Song

  1. This is a good example of a “thin place”, where the distance between heaven and earth is paper thin. Often my discovery of a thin place surprises me, for I am not in search of it at the time. Yet the Spirit is present in a revelatory way, whispering on a wind, of a fragrance, or a sound, or in some example of beauty…or all of the above.
    Example: While hunting unsuccessfully in South Texas close to the Rio Grande river7 years ago, I had called it a day and was making my way back to the camp house along a cliff top at sunset, the crest of this bluff to my right. As I stopped to check my footing I looked left to see the sun washing yellow and orange across multiple valleys and the bluffs dividing all the way to the horizon. I thought, “Beautiful Lord!” Simultaneously the wind broke over the bluff to my right, rustling through the scrub cedars that capped the high ground. That sound, and the resulting smell of cedar blended with the feast my eyes were taking in. I had to set my rifle down and sit down, for I was overwhelmed with the sense of his presence, breathing in this sacred moment. Four minutes into it he put the cherry on top as a flock of wild turkeys appeared on the next bluff across the shallow valley 75 yards away. I said, “You’re just showing off now.” I hear the Spirit whisper, “Thanks for sharing this moment with Us.” I could not move for awhile. I had indeed discovered a thin place between heaven and earth.

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