the subject of suffering is a hot bed of emotions in the human realm.

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I have been “leaning into” the book called The Gospel According to Job or about three years…the subject of suffering is a hot bed of emotions in the human realm. The one million light bulbs that go off in my head like some crazy paparazzi event when I contemplate truly suffering usually sends me into an endorphin crisis. Some have said to me “well, if you had more faith…blah blah blah…” ( God is the one who gives faith and I Love that. He will measure out to me the Faith and Grace and Mercy I need from his very own hand he gives it to me).
I am seeing more clearly what is the heart of Job. He has become a friend to me. He is what is called a “type” of Jesus (foretold in the Ancient Testament). Job had unmerited suffering put upon him. It was allowed by God. (This right here will upset many of you but I believe God can allow whatever he sees best to befall anyone. I believe this because I know that God is more Good and more wild and transcendent and more terrifyingly wonderful than I have ever even begun to know!!!) Job was a man who pleased God yet lost all his family and home. All of his children in one day…cannot even go there!
Anyway I am saying all of that to say the story of Job is not about suffering in the way I always use to think, even though suffering is well displayed in its pages. The story of Job is that for him the worst thing that could ever happen was that he might lose his Peace with God…think about that.

2 thoughts on “the subject of suffering is a hot bed of emotions in the human realm.

  1. Yep, not a popular concept. Yet we see many around the world that have suffered beyond what our ears and emotions can bear, and some of these identify as Christ followers. Do we tell them their faith is weak as evidenced by their troubles?

    Jesus told us to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” This indicates that all that happens is not yet in keeping with his will, and his kingdom and the benefits of his reign in the earth is not yet as it is in heaven already.

    But yes, some suffering has been decreed by him for the sake of his will and kingdom, and the salvation of the blind, lame, persecuted has not been forgotten.

  2. For me this is a huge life changer! The spiritual ramifications of the Father turning away is something we will never have to experience! We have Jesus and only Jesus to thank for this wonder if wonders!

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