The Keen Edge of Joy

view of outer space

Photo by Zain Ali

The heat hung in the air like wet cotton today
The Texas dance of August has begun

The manicured lawns will soon be parched brown
Even the humming of the cicadas has gone still

Venus burns ever so brightly racing me to dawn
The majestic Oaks stand still as centurion guards

At my core the keen edge of Joy bids me come
And reach for the poetry that lives in my heart

4 thoughts on “The Keen Edge of Joy

  1. Return to joy. It will come with attaching the self to a loving Father, and attaching to others out of the security of that concrete attachment. So be centered in this constant and faithful Love.

    • In full disclosure I have been slightly melancholy and while I fully understand that joy is not an emotion for it is my secure state of being because I am covered in Christ I skate on the edges at times. Thank you for your encouragement.

      • You are jealously cherished by the Father. Grace for today’s progress in your journey.

        FYI – a recent sermon of mine, Looking Back to Go Forward, is posted on the church’s website (under “sermons”). Let me know what you think if you get time to listen.

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