Everything that used to be solid

silhouette of two person

Photo by Trung Nguyen


Everything that used to be solid is suddenly fluid.

The mid-afternoon sky the color of hammered gold

Waves of heat rising from the horizon looks like water only to find a hard rock road

I do love living where the Sky is bigger

Somehow it feels tedious to have too many trees above

If I don’t know you then I don’t know anybody

It is like waiting to touch the bottom of a bottomless well

2 thoughts on “Everything that used to be solid

  1. This is exquisite, Jill! I know what you mean about bigger skies – we once lived in a part of the country that was very high up and wide open. It felt like you could just reach up and touch the sky. It was like being in Heaven with the glorious sunrises and sunsets.
    You make the mid-afternoon sky sound like Heaven too … “the color of hammered gold” – I love it.
    This could be a love poem about people … an even for the Almighty … “like waiting to touch the bottom of a bottomless well”.
    So much to see and feel in this with each reading. 🙏🙌

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