Shadow Boxer

…and when I looked I saw you Oh Beauty! The Cherubim hovering above the Holy High God’s throne. Your total attention on the Holy Wisdom God himself imparted to you so that you could impart his will to the Celestial Armies…then for a millisecond your eyes darted away…your royal beauty reflected in your armor of precious gems and gold…No longer were you worshipping God but yourself, oh Lucifer why? Why did you let your created beauty and access to Godly Wisdom deceive you? All created beings are worshippers but only of The Holy One who is right, true, and just…so you and those you deceived were cast out forever! Your beauty is decay. Your wisdom is a lie…now you roam this earth seeking whom you may devour but you have been exposed to us by the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ, the Resurrected King of Glory!


Shadow Boxer

glitters like gold!

Shapeshifter lies

have all been told!

His candy is poison

but sure taste sweet!

He shadow boxes

down on Deception Street!

Shadow Boxer betrays

with silver, he stole!

His beauty hides his

evil lust for control!

oh your fall from the heavens

like a burning star

shook the deep of this earth

what a falling was there!














7 thoughts on “Shadow Boxer

  1. And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in Me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined. -Illuvitar (from the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkein)

    Indeed “Melkor” learned that his death instrument – the cross, was the wonderful thing that he had not imagined, and it was to be his own undoing:

    …That he [the God-Man Christ] might destroy death and break the bonds of the devil, and tread down hell. -from early Christian prayer of thanksgiving (recorded by Hippolytus around A.D. 215)

    Who is my opponent?
    I, he says, am the Christ.
    I am the one who destroyed death,
    and triumphed over the enemy,
    and trampled Hades underfoot,
    and bound the strong one. -Melito of Sardis ( from his sermon, A.D. 195)

  2. I have wondered whether Lucifer saw this “Christus Victor” coming and trembled, or if he was surprised that at his apparent victory he was surprisedly aghast when Jesus shoed up in hell and was now parading around, about to lead captives free as he is raised from the dead by the Spirit.

    • I believe Lucifer being a created being yet still given free will to worship and adore his creator God did not know the totality of God’s plan to redeem man through the Christ his own Son.
      Satan is not omnipotent and clearly must always bow down to The Holy! Nor is he omnipresent he still was gifted in his wisdom and had observed God for eternity Past, however he (Satan ) knew and still knows enough that all through scripture He attempted to thwart the birth of and fruition of Jesus, the Redeemer. I believe he certainly knew Jesus was/is the Son of God! Even the other demons and minions testified to who Jesus was. I also believe that he did NOT know about the Resurrection! He is so deceived by his own lies and distortions of truth that he lies to himself on some level all the time…THE VICTORY of the Cross of Jesus and his miraculous raising back to life was his final undoing! Amen!

    • Yes, Lewis was clear on that point. Satan is NOT the opposite of God, for God has no equal. He is uncreated, always existing. Satan is created, has not always existed, and is therefore subject to the Uncreated one, yet with his will intact.

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