New Agony

brown wooden armchair on brown wooden floor

Photo by Marcelo Jaboo

I thought I had known agony

least ways had tasted its edges

but now tasting it fully

it uproots my  heart as it dredges


This is a new agony

one more step off the cliff

Did I think Death not an enemy

how mortal is my wish?


There are events we must do alone

this loss cannot be shared

Yet in the middle of the night I wept

when I felt your Presence there

2 thoughts on “New Agony

    • Wow David thank you. I believe we all have stories that mold us and that Jesus uses our story so the we can first tell about him and also I believe we all can identify and feel comfort in the fact that our stories are not unique but rather universal. I find it humbling and a privilege to say to another human being that I too have been despairing and hopeless, that I have loved and lost and laughed and cried. That I have soared in life and crashed in sin but God has made a way for all of us to get to Him through Jesus. Jesus hanging on that cross is God himself telling each and every single human being, “I love you, I love YOU! I see you.”
      This particular poem is the way I have felt at least three or four different times in my life and each time the Holy Spirit made his presence known to me. one example is when my Dad died. I didn’t know I could feel such agonizing pain and loss…but Jesus comforted me in a miraculous way. He took all of our agony plus his own and this truth astounds me! Happy Easter friend! He is risen!!!

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