A cold Winter’s blast…

scenic view of snow capped mountains during night

Photo by stein egil liland 

Encouragement for a cold Winter’s Blast…

Days of stony gray skies, cold and damp like these make my thoughts deliberate in a good way. I sort of interrupt my thoughts and thank God that I have a warm home and clothes and food. Today, thinking about other’s burdens and some of my own I had a thought.  We all can identify, some more than others…If you have a burden this morning. If you are carrying a heavy load and do not feel that you are standing on solid ground. If you are trying hard to make it on your own or are alone or your health is poor or your strength is draining, I want to encourage you with wonderful thought that came to me today.

I have often thought about the instruction Jesus gave us to “take up your cross and follow me.”  I have heard this taught most of my life that as we follow Christ, we deny our old self and “die” to self, which is not an incorrect truth, but I feel it is so much more than performing in some way or following some Religious formula and therefore move under this awful burden of sin nature and spiritual walk.

Of course, I know that to come to the Cross of Jesus is about repenting of my sins and acknowledging Him as Savior. Like the thief on the cross beside Jesus saw who he really was and put his total faith in Christ that day!

It struck me that this call of taking up our cross daily is an invitation from The Holy to simply and absolutely lay our burdens down and Surrender! Meaning, surrendering to a loving God with whom I cannot have a relationship unless I follow the Cross of His Son. I cannot save my self. I bring nothing to the table that would get me “out of Hell.”

This call to “take up our cross daily and follow Jesus” is NOT a burden! It is a privilege, the total package of the gift of Salvation, Redemption, and Eternal life is given to us everyday and this is what I believe it means…every day His mercies are new. Every day I recognize that He is God, and I am not. Every day I present to him all my desires and gift Him my will and ask Him to lead me THAT DAY in the actual following of Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

So, what does that resemble and posture in real life? It looks like humility, kindness, and loving others well. It looks like laying all my sin and burdens at his feet EVERY DAY and then walking onward…Jesus is the ONE we can count on!

Absolute surrender to the Lord is absolute joy of knowing and walking with him every day!

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