Hard paths, strong shoes…



She was pulled into the boxcar with a burning jerk to her arms with dogs barking from behind. She could not think a straight thought in her head so she must be losing her mind.

Just a day ago she was laughing  and dancing and playing in the sun. The evening brought screaming and raping now her parents are gone.

Suddenly jostled from a dream where she was safe and warm. The dead dark of night brought more cries of agony raining down like a storm.

Now she is ordered to walk into the woods and not speak to anyone. She focuses her eyes on her old sturdy shoes the tops of them all covered in blood and urine.

She can hear her Father’s voice so gentle and kind.  Reminding her not to fear the hard path for God is on her side.

“He will not ever leave you nor forsake you nor will he disregard your state.  He provides you with strong shoes to walk the hard path.”




4 thoughts on “Hard paths, strong shoes…

  1. Wow, that’s a tough one! Poignant reminder of the too often depravity of power. Thankfully Jehovah providesn heals, redeems…

  2. Yes it is a harsh reality. I was inspired by the words and writings of the amazing Corrie ten Boom. I sometimes think of the hell that others have lived through and it pricks my spirit that I would complain about anything. Not to minimize my own suffering but I know that in those times we are not alone or our God would not be a good God. He does not cause evil but he does and will redeem us in the midst of evil. Our God is mighty to save!

  3. I met her at Alice Woods home in about ’72. She spoke of her time in the concentration camp, and the loss of her sister. The bottom line was to forgive one’s offenders. Still a timeless reminder for us all.

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