Sunshine (a poem by me in high school)


background beam beautiful close up

Photo by Pixabay 

Sunshine stay with me a while I haven’t had you for so long

You are gentle and make me laugh and sing a happy song

We will not speak of love unless it should happen to grow

We will just run and play,  you are a shelter from the cold

You are just the thing I need to help me heal again

There is no way of knowing if we will ever end

Sunshine stay with me a while we will both be free

You are just the thing I need, you let me be me

4 thoughts on “Sunshine (a poem by me in high school)

  1. Thank you. It is pretty poor writing but there it is. Haha! I was very insecure back then but could never let it show or at least tried to not let it show but such is the way of high school right? I remember at our last reunion David Wenzel said I was one of the unattainable pretty crowd but the truth is I was searching for acceptance like everyone else. The “popular group” or whatever you want to call it is a doubes edged sword. Cute both ways and we are all usually very misunderstood!

  2. I just went to my 45th reunion last weekend. More enjoyable now that we’re not as worried about what others think, and as a result, less drinking. Had fun.

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