Truth, like the wind, slips through the smallest cracks

abandoned ancient antique architecture

Photo by Pixabay 

Truth,  like the wind, slips through the smallest cracks

invading the rules of order

Truth seeps through the cloistered religious dust

annihilating that which splits us asunder

Rumour and counter rumour that Grace is truly free

The darkness of the lie gives way to Hope

Challenging clear-cut rules that divide

Our Salvation is clearly ours to receive

Showing  us the way to the path of brilliant  light

4 thoughts on “Truth, like the wind, slips through the smallest cracks

  1. I love this, Jill. Truth and hope will always be victorious. Wonderful! I like the photo too … I have a thing for Windows and doors and bridges. 😁 x

  2. “…challenging the clear cut rules that divide.”

    For me a liability of studying theology is that there is much disagreement regarding what is essential. Rules certainly divide. Lately I look to the Nicene Creed for essentials, which has been helpful for me at least. I’ve also noticed others, even theologians (I know a few) who are doing the same. I think the Father’s love is vast, but our tendency is toward comparison of our view against another, i.e., division. Lord, may you make one, the Bride of Christ.

    • Yes the “absolutes” in God’s Word, to me , are clear. I think of how Jesus strongly reprimanded the religious leaders of his day for their “adding on dietary laws etc…that impeded heart transformation!action and put a heavy yoke on the people. Also how Paul mentored Timothy in the area of not getting caught up in these things. Unity is our calling! Good thought David. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and Patsy!

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