No Shadows can fall where there is only light

silhouette of person in green grass under the sun during daytime

Photo by Pixabay


Standing here under the brightest moon

I sense your presence like a cozy room

I feel your holy antiquity yet you make all things new

and now traveling North is true



I look over my shoulder at the past

and it is vanquished forever into long lost night

It never was what mattered to you at last

and no shadows can fall where there is only light


2 thoughts on “No Shadows can fall where there is only light

  1. Jill, your writing is always uplifting. Right on!! Love you bunches. Please pray for Hud and me. We just did, what I thought was an awesome couple’s retreat (26 couples) at Lexi’s church in Erie this past week end. We leave Thursday for PA. where Hud is the keynote speaker at a conference on Sat. about
    “Mental Illness in the church”. Two others who we don’t know will be with him on a panel. He teaches two sermons on Sunday plus Sunday School. Love your prayers and support!! Hug to you and Bob! Nancy ps….Our precious neighbor next door (81) just fell and broke his hip. His wife is not well either. Bummer.

    • Oh how wonderful that you are both continuing all of the work. God knows all those who need your teaching! I love you both so much! You know I will be praying for all of your request! Our Father knows what we need doesn’t he?! 💕

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