A Wild Joy

grayscale photo of person standing on seashore

Photo by Engin Akyurt


Hours will bend

as words pour onto paper


Long day’s journey

salty is the flavor


White sails billow

the gull cries for favor


I think I’d like to be alone

but time can turn the tables


A Wild joy takes me over

The Holy hovers just inside


A Wild joy is my lover

ever changing with the tide



2 thoughts on “A Wild Joy

  1. One of your best. Keep pouring forth from that truest center that is genuinely you, the place where you never doubt you a loved by the Eternal Lover of All.

    • Hey friend! Hope you and P are well! I would love to hear your thoughts on a previous post called Born Liars (The Epiphany) if you have time. It is a little strong reality for some of my theologian friends…😊

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