Born Liars…The Epiphany

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A mystery revealed. When we are born we know nothing of Truth. We believe those around us are truth tellers. We believe WE are truth tellers. We believe our parents tell us the truth and they believe it too. Our homes are warm and dry so safety must be true. Our siblings play and live the same as we do so how we live must be the true way to live. Our schools must teach true facts so educated people must be true. Our religion must be true because it rules our behavior, our traditions but the fact is we are born liars. We are born enemies of God and do not know truth. We are born liars, decievers, and accusers. The Truth is not in us until the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ utterly dwells within us. God’s Word states that not one of us is good and that humans love darkness and when the Light of the World came we did not know him. Until He chose to reveal to us, by the Spirit of God himself, who came in the flesh. Until Jesus! This is the Epiphany, the Light of the world who is the God Man Jesus. The One born in Bethlehem. The One who grew up without sin. The One who was crucified for all sin. The One who rose from the dead. The One who ascended and lives on High. The One who will return for His people and will reign forever. He is the only Truth!

So why are we surprised that we lie to each other and put on masks, and build detailed facades of being perfect families, perfect marriages, and perfect churches? Why are we surprised that some of us had Godly truth telling parents and some did not? Why are we surprised when our five year old child lies to us or sneaks candy from the pantry? Why are we surprised that we are or once were liars and not valiant for Truth?

This is an important part of understanding the ” state of human kind and our sin. Understanding our sin is the way that leads to falling on our faces before The Holy and repenting with humility. There is not plural Truth! There is only One Truth!

All have sinned and fall short… (Romans 3:23). All of us need redemption. All of us are liars if we say this isn’t true. Truth is a person in flesh and a person in the Trinity of God’s very being. We do not know Truth in our lives until we humble ourselves to receive the Grace and the Mercy of The Holy One who is the very definition of Truth.

” and they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for Truth…Jeremiah 9:3

2 thoughts on “Born Liars…The Epiphany

  1. Ah yes, depravity and the depths of it. Free will and the degree to which we are free. Election and who it is that has been chosen. Even nature vs nurture. Yeah, you’ve thrown the whole Lutheran/Calvinist evangelical moralist worldview into this one. Your Arminian friends may have bristled a bit. Even among Protestants there are nuances on each of these points. Few of my minister friends are 5 point Calvinists. The 4 point Calvinist friend is holding strong to “Whosoever will”. There are professors at Calvin College that would take issue on one or two of your implications. Centuries old debates these, and not agreed upon even by the early Church fathers.

    But truly, the Truth (see how I did that?) is not in us until we are regenerated by the Spirit of God himself. But even then, Truth is revealed over time. The Scriptures unfold over time. I certainly don’t read them the same as in my youth. And sanctification as well is certainly over time. Not our position before God, for we are in Christ because of the cross. But sanctification as in maturity.

    Feeling cheeky,

    • Well said my friend!.Well said. I agree with you that “time” is graciously involved by God for His purpose (mostly because we are liars and stuff necked people who want to control)! I feel like some Calvinist…lead some to believe it is all predestination and/or works and thanks can misleads and play into some “dangerous self boasting” but I agree with you. Sanctification is a process by His Grace! Love this comment!

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