Mercy is the sharp edge of Grace…


Grace is such a lovely word. Oh how I love that word and all that it images and means to me. I see the lovely hand of a loving God showering me with lavish love and gifts that I don’t deserve…

Mercy on the other hand is a “severe truth” that shows the Gospel of Jesus in what I call “the Warrior view.” While it is true that Jesus is kind and the very essence of goodness, love, and grace he is also the Warrior, the Defender of the weak, the Creator of the world, the Light that overcomes all darkness…Jesus is the commander of the ocean, He banished  all disease and strife. Jesus is the Key to the prison cell and The Door to Truth and Life. Jesus sought out Shame and grabbed it by the throat with one hand and grabbed “sin” by the throat with the other hand and He nailed it to a cross with his OWN body. Jesus is the only Survivor of  Holy, warranted WRATH! When the Father “turned His face away Jesus gave up His spirit.” Jesus is the Power of all Power held simply in His name much less his works and deeds! Jesus is the GIVER OF MERCY because He doesn’t give us what we in fact deserve but He took our belittling of God and His name and instead of killing us all and sending us to Hell Jesus took our place…
Mercy is a seriously sharp and powerful edge. Don’t forget it. This is why we do not think to highly of ourselves or look down or up to others…don’t compare…there is no pride in the light of  the sharp edge of Mercy!pexels-photo-415983.jpeg 

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