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Photo by Wendy van Zyl 


There are no new words that I can write

No way to change the world tonight

I can feel a sadness coming round again

Trying to take me someplace I’ve already been


I am just calling it what it is

The way God made me, I am a child of His

When loneliness visits and friends don’t call

It is best not to compromise the Truth at all


Contentment is not happy and sad is not depressed

I’m still so far from wisdom, always was I guess

This melancholy often drives me to my knees

It is just the way God made me, I am a child of His

5 thoughts on “Ecclesiates

  1. Poignant…one of your best. Thanks for these glimpses into your humanness Jill. Your vulnerability inspires me to the same. Truly there is strength in weakness, though most times I do not embrace it. So, may your sore knees reap joy of heart. May your self-revealing reap Spirit-closeness. And in His presence may your soul conclude you were never alone when you felt lonely. Return to joy and life, Daughter of the King.

    • Thank you as always dear friend. I knew you would also catch the title being involved throughout the poem as “there is nothing new under the sun” and I am certainly not saying anything new. I was told recently that “longings” for more in a whoever’s life is just another way to say we miss our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly place in our Father’s house through Jesus our Lord’s provision.

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